About Verona Golf

Verona Golf Adventures is an individual travel program designed around playing the Verona Top10™ and other Verona Top100™ ranked courses in the United States and playing golf in other unique and exciting locations.

If a tee time becomes available at one of the Verona Top10™ ranked courses, the tee time will be posted in an auction setting within the members area of our website. Verona Golf will take care of all the travel arrangements and put together a complete package of meals, entertainment and transportation to and from the course. Members will have the opportunity to bid on these packages.

There are many other exciting golf and travel opportunities available, for example, if two CEOs wanted to meet and play one of a Verona Top100™ golf courses instead of playing at their home courses, we would arrange for a professional golfer, athlete, or entertainer to accompany them along with the host member from the selected course.

We anticipate one of our Verona Golf Adventures might sell for as much as $10,000 to $50,000 or more per trip and would require a one to two day commitment based on the location of the course they will be playing. Verona Golf will donate a percentage of the total profit from these activities to our charitable foundation, The Three H’s of Giving so the more our members play golf the more money that is donated to our charitable foundation.

Please click here for a list of upcoming events and associated costs to book a Verona Golf Adventure.


Join an elite golf network, with exclusive amenities.
The luxury of traveling to exotic locations and to elite sporting events.
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