About Verona Golf

The Verona Golf Company was formed to share the tradition and passion for the game of golf with those that share the same ideals. The desire to play only the best courses across the globe is inherent among golf aficionados, and the need to provide a service that creates those unique opportunities was apparent. With over 4,000 private courses available in the United States alone, the possibilities were present to develop a company that provides the avid golfer with this unique opportunity.

Verona's an international private golf resort and country club where you join 10 clubs for one affordable price. At our home clubs you Stay, Play and Eat for free part of your membership. Guests are welcome and encouraged including a no extra cost for a foursome per day. Verona also offers our extensive reciprocity network of more than 1,500 private courses. We provide value for golf and travel activities that second to none.

I personally invite you to discover the impeccable personal service provided to our members. We pride ourselves in providing our members the opportunity for members to play the Verona Top100™ ranked courses; the ability to gain access to more than 1,500 private golf clubs in the United States; to travel to exotic locations to play golf; and many other exiting benefits.

I welcome you to the Verona Golf Company, and encourage you to explore the possibilities of membership to start enjoying the Verona Lifestyle™ today.

Joe Cipolla, CEO
Verona Golf, Inc.


Join an elite golf network, with exclusive amenities.
The luxury of traveling to exotic locations and to elite sporting events.
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