About Verona Golf

The Verona Lifestyle (tm) includes the opportunity to attend some of the
top rated and well known events. As an avid golfer sports are an
important part of life, attending a major sporting event as a VIP just
makes life better.

Each year The Verona Golf Company will provide to our members the
opportunity to attend one or more of these events. The unique benefit
for the Verona member is being able to attend these events as a VIP, and

the knowledge that their attendance makes a difference with select charities.

The combined purchasing power of Verona Golf affords members direct
access to luxury suites and coveted tickets to events.  It also allows
members to play several private courses in the areas hosting these events. 

In addition, activities, managed by our Concierge service, will be
arranged for our members, their spouses, and children. For example,
tickets to museums, plays, musicals or other activities will be arranged

at our members request surrounding each event.

These events may include but not limited to:

*           Wimbledon

*           The Kentucky Derby

*           The Indy 500

*           The World Series

*           The World Cup

*           The Super Bowl

*           The Masters Tournament

*           The Stanley Cup

*           The "Caring for the Cup" program

*           The Final Four

*           The British Open

*           The Ryder Cup

These opportunities will be presented as an added benefit to The Verona
Golf Company membership, and will be auctioned off to benefit one or
more of our Three H charities.

Join an elite golf network, with exclusive amenities.
The luxury of traveling to exotic locations and to elite sporting events.
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