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Verona Golf understands that our members are avid golfers but they are also avid sports fans. The company has designed the group travel program to allow our members to attend many of the world’s greatest sporting events and to play private golf courses in the area hosting the event. These events will include a luxury suite or coveted tickets plus we will often be able to provide additional access not provided to the standard ticket holder.

Trips center primarily on major sporting events such as major golf and tennis tournaments, the NBA Finals, the NCAA Final Four, World Series, the World Cup, Auto Racing, Horse Racing, Poker tournaments, and more.

The company has designed these trips to host 10 members and their families where Verona Golf provides the convenience of taking care of every detail for our members. Activities such as different excursions, tickets to museums, plays, musicals, or other activities will be arranged by our concierge service and will be arranged for our members, their spouses, and children. Our members are welcome to attend group designed functions but are not required to be with the group constantly.

Every member makes a difference as it is the support of our members that makes these events possible and the more often our members attend such events the more the company is able to donate to our charitable foundations.

These travel packages can cost as much as $10,000 to $100,000 or more. Please click here for a list of upcoming events and associated costs to book a Verona Group Travel Package.

Join an elite golf network, with exclusive amenities.
The luxury of traveling to exotic locations and to elite sporting events.
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