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If playing the Verona Top100™ is your passion, we will make your dream a reality.

Select up to five courses from the list of the Verona Top100™ ranked courses that you have always dreamed of playing at least once in your lifetime. We guarantee that you will have an opportunity to play one of your top five courses, one each year over a five year period. This is our Playability Guarantee™.

Our guarantee is if we do not make a tee time available to you for one of your top five courses in a given year we will waive your maintenance dues for following year. When a tee time at one of your selected courses becomes available you will be notified immediately via your “contact me profile” of the options you have selected. We will give you at least seven days notice prior to the tee time.

Our members must be ready and prepared to allocate the time and expense to travel on short notice and allow time to be at the course more than an hour prior to your tee time. If a member passes on the available tee time they forfeit the guarantee.

Our members must follow all the rules and regulations of each course. As these courses are private and our members are guests of the course, if you do not agree with or follow our agreement to play specified courses then your slot may be assigned to another member.

The priority for these tee times are based on the type of membership, tenure in the membership program, and location of the desired course. If your membership is not in good standing due to non-payment of monthly or annual maintenance fee or for disciplinary probation our code of conduct than you will be excluded from participating.

The Verona Top10™ ranked courses list on our Verona Top100™ Courses are reserved for our charity auction program because tee times for these courses are so rare and valuable that we want to maximize our efforts to raise money for our Three H’s of Giving foundation.



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