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We offer several variations for our charitable golf tournaments including: managing a charitable golf tournament for an organization, running our own charitable golf events and maintaining a list of charitable events for our members.

Managing Charitable Golf Tournaments

Verona Golf understands that there are a variety of reasons to raise money and a golf tournament is a great way to increase donations. A charity or celebrity tournament held at an exclusive private golf club raise more money than does a golf outing out a public course.

According to Golf Digest, there are more than 1.5 million golf events in the U.S each year.  The popularity of these events continues to increase because they are an effective tool for fundraising, business networking, advertising and member recruitment, not to mention, they’re fun!

Here are some of the most popular reasons for considering holding a golf outing.

  • Raising money for a non-profit organization.
  • Soliciting donations, attracting new donors or volunteers for a particular cause.
  • Organizing an alumni event.
  • Increasing attendance or participation at a tradeshow or other public event.

Let Verona Golf manage your next event because we raise more money as a percentage of the overall expense.  The company will assist with event details such as marketing and public relations, the golfing format, pairings, player and sponsor gifts, signs and banners, prizes and awards ceremony.  We can also host a banquet and charity auction before or after the event.

Request a quote for Verona Golf to manage your charity golf event.

Verona Sponsored Charity Golf Tournaments

The Verona Golf Company sponsors and manages our own events to raise money for our charitable foundation called the Three H’s of Giving (www.threehsofgiving.com).  We host our events at some of the most famous and exclusive golf clubs and raise money for great charities.

Calendar of Events

Verona Golf maintains a database of tournaments and will notify our members based on their profile of opportunity to play private golf courses for charity events.


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