About Verona Golf

When developing a Country Club with an environment for a certain lifestyle, we chose to stay close to the heart. In selecting a name for the company that appeals to the beauty and tradition of the Italian city of Verona, the Italian lifestyle was the only choice.

It is said that Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialize with family and friends. This celebration and relaxation includes the finest of food, travel, wine, events, life and culture.

We incorporate these ideals into the Verona Golf Company’s culture, combining them with very best of golf and amenities available. Imagine having the opportunity to play more than 1,500 private golf courses. Imagine the luxury of traveling to exotic locations and select sporting events. Imagine knowing that each membership makes a difference.

Welcome to the Verona Lifestyle™.


Join an elite golf network, with exclusive amenities.
The luxury of traveling to exotic locations and to elite sporting events.
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